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Why are Photo Kitchen + Portrait Shoppe now called Catherine Murray Photo?

When discussing the possible name change with a friend, he said something that really hit home. “Everything has a purpose for a while. It’s okay for things to change.” And that’s exactly what happened. Photo Kitchen had a purpose for 13 years and Portrait Shoppe for 5 years, but things change. Being one person behind the camera, it was time to become one brand again.

I’m looking for my digital copy of the Bite-Sized cookbook. How do I access it?

Yes, sorry for the inconvenience! Please click here for directions on how access your digital copy.

Are you still shooting commercial work?
Absolutely! Nothing has changed except the name. I’m still photographing food, people, products and pets commercially and look forward to chatting with you about your next project.

Are you still shooting family portraits?

Yes! Services from headshots to families are still available. Here’s the portrait portfolio and pricing on the new site.

How do I get ahold of you now?

All the previous email addresses you used are still valid and won’t be phased out for a while yet. Also, here’s my most current info.

What about Black Locust?

Black Locust has its own identity and distinct style, and will therefore remain separate. I am passionate about improving women’s self image and will continue working towards positive change. and are now